In my opinion, helping people feeling better is the best job in the world!

However, in a super competitive field, it's not easy to stick out or have you pick me instead of the next guy.

So, Instead of bragging about how good I am, it's quicker just to let my clients speak for me...

Sylvester is an excellent personal trainer. I push my own limits with him and started to focus on my body and my health through training and nutrition. He really helped me to deal with stress and to adopt a healthy way of life. More than a trainer, he is a partner for your life objectives. I highly recommend his services. Thank you Sly.
Sylvester is a wonderful personal trainer, the best I ever hired! He's totally dedicated to his clients and know more than nobody what training do you need and how to get the results you want. He's always available to give some advice, always kind but very persuasive when workout time! You'll definitely enjoy to workout with him. Thanks again for our teamwork Sly.
Petri Määttä
Sylvester is a really professional personal trainer. He pushes you beyond what you think you can do! Go for it!
Channelle McCassie
I recommend Sylvester as a leading Personal Trainer, business, and family man. After a 10 day 7 star trip to Europe I happily gained 10 lovely pounds. I called Sly who helped me shed those pounds, tone, regain confidence, and improved my cardio health. Now: 7 years later, I still consult with Sylvester regularly for workouts and nutritional advise for myself and my husband. If you are looking for a fun, knowledgeable, dedicated, reliable, personal trainer he is the best.
Sylvester Yelder is a high energy, dedicated, results oriented personal trainer, that brought me to the best shape of my life using his knowledge, outside the box workouts, and passion for his career. I have yet to meet anyone that compares since my relocation.
Chazz Woodson
Sylvester Yelder is a gentleman that is passionate about his work and is very particular about the quality of his work. I hired "Sly" to run the speed and agility training for my lacrosse camp. He did an EXCELLENT job of not only pushing my campers physically, but helping them to understand that they always had a little bit more in themselves. He was able to train the kids at age appropriate levels, and still affectively provide instruction in drills that are used for professional level athletes.
If you are looking for a dedicated trainer, that understands how to get the most out of his clients, Sly is worth the investment.
Rosalia Abad
Sly is a great trainer ! I immediately saw the results.
Peter DiPace Jr.
Sly is extremely competent in the most effective and innovative techniques of physical fitness training. He is an exceptional motivator. If you want to get better; sly is your guy!
Luis Almeyda
Keeps you motivated and in shape!
Jacquelyn Reyes
I've never felt so good! I toned up in a matter of weeks. I recommend Sly to All my friends and to Anyone who wants to feel and look their very Best!
Sly is the best Personal Trainer I have worked with. I highly recommend him.
Terry S. B.
I hired Mr. Yelder to assist in Personal Fitness Training for associates of mine. He was very personable, punctual and educated in his craft. His rates were competitive and he always achieved the desired results. Thank you Mr. Yelder.
Mari Creatini
Sly helped me get to the next level of strength and conditioning while I was starting out my training after my ACL knee surgery. He collaborated and coordinated his training programs along side my physical therapy. Sly always pushed me and encouraged an intensity that would be near to impossible by myself. It is a pity that I was in Miami for only 5 months.
Laura Parker Parker
Hi my name is Laura and I’ve been training with personal trainers in South Beach for about 10 years. I can honestly tell you that out of the many trainers I have tried Sly is by far the best one.Sly takes training to another level. His devotion, ambition and knowledge makes you feel very comfortable and of course let’s not forget all his experience. I have never had such hard workouts in my life until I meet him! I have recommended Sly to all my friends in South Beach because I really feel that everyone that is really serious about working out and seeing fast changes in their body should use him as a personal trainer. "
Miami Beach