About SLY



Hey there, my name is Sylvester,

also known as, SLY


I'm the trainer you should choose if you don't like to go to the gym - or you don't want to leave your house to go work-out.


So, how about that weekly work-out?

Are you getting it done?

Are you staying fit and healthy?


Don't you love that feeling of gasping for air and being drenched in sweat every time you work out?

So much more tempting to lay down on the sofa, watch Netflix and snack on some Chips & Dip.



BUT, I can tell you one thing!


THE BEST feeling in the world is the one you feel right after my work-outs. (and for about 4 more hours) That adrenaline rush you get that makes you feel like you can conquer the world.

If you work-out with me, (a couple of times a week for a month or two) you will start seeing real results.

You will finally start feeling good in your form-fitting clothes. Get mentally and physically stronger, and you will feel accomplished!

Working out has so many benefits that those couple of hours a week is a small price to pay.


My friends call me Sly, and so should you!

I have 3 decades of experience in Fitness & Health. (Yea I know, I'm kind of old but you won't know)

I went to Liberty University in Lynchburg, studying Sports Management. I played Semi-Professional Football overseas for 5 years and I have been a personal Trainer & Coach since 2006.

I have worked in Schools as a PE coach. I have trained teenagers dreaming of playing College Ball, coaching them to get to the next level. I train Couples, sports-fanatics, and everything in between.

I am a big people-person so my sessions can be a lot of fun. (as long as we get our work-out done)


- If you are an outdoorsy person and like to train outside, no problem. Pick your park or beach and I will see you there!

- If you have a gym in your building and prefer doing the least amount of effort to go work-out, no problem. Send me your address! (I'll even bring your coffee)




Call or email me with any questions:

- 310.401.4766 (Any day: 6 am - 10 pm)

- SYelder@hotmail.com (Any time)


You can also find me on Social Media: 

IG: @SlyTrainingMiami 

FB: @Slytraining Personal trainer