American Football in Norway

American Football in Norway



Vålerenga Trolls has a longer tradition of import players than any other Norwegian law. It was precisely Trolls who brought an importer to the country for the first time - a grip they took in the early 1990s. There are therefore a large number of players to choose from when choosing the 5 best, and here we hope for more input in the comments box on who has been good! Nevertheless, we believe that the 5 voted out really have something to do. They are not randomly chosen - there is no doubt.

The 5 best import players who have been with Vålerenga Trolls:

1. Sylvester Yelder (3,33). RB/QB/DB/KR/PR.


Yelder , who went well enough under the abbreviation Sly as under Sylvester , goes on guessing about still. We are unquestionably talking about one of the most incredibly irritating players to meet for opponents in the Norwegian series ever.

To draw out a painful memory from 2002: Vålerenga Trolls visited Sandnes Oilers in the season opening, and the game was steady in the first few minutes. Trolls's QB managed to handle Oilers, but then he did the loss to cope with him so he was injured. The Inn came Yelder , and then there was thanks and goodbye. The match ended 0-75, and Yelder ran over, around, back, front and through all defenders. Now the match had ended clearly in the away team's favor anyway, but when Sly got the ball in the hands of each offensive game, it became a fighter.

This was no unique experience for Norwegian teams in the early 2000s; Yelder was simply like a slippery eel who slipped away, and ran faster, better and understood American football with his whole body. Then it became a playroom and we do not touch any player who has been in Norway who created it in the same way as Sylvester Yelder .

Let's take a closer look at what Sly Yelder  was doing on the pitch:

2. Jesse Steinfeldt (3.00). TE


Together with two other players, Jesse Steinfeldt formed the Yale trio as Trolls picked up in the late 1990s and was a fantastic boost. They made Vålerenga unmanageable to all opponents, and it did not surprise NM gold out of all. Steinfeldt was an important piece in this way and stayed in Oslo for some years. He did not like American football while he was here, as this VG facsimile in 1998 illustrates:

Best in Norway - Jesse Steinfeldt 1998

A wonderful recipient, block, and person: Steinfeldt had what it takes to succeed both on and off the pitch. He succeeded in Norway and has not unexpectedly done a solid career in academia in the United States. The specialty? Sport Psychology.

3. Julius Grant (2,67). DB/RB.


Troll's first meeting with Julius Grant III was unclear. He did not play for them, but for Rotterdam Trojans - a team of Trolls met in the Euro Cup in 1996. Grant was undoubtedly the best player on Trojans, and in the meeting between the two teams at Voldsløkka he simply used the Trolls receivers as living lawn mowers when he tackled them tears and together. Who does not want such a basket on the team? It would be Trolls, and Grant found their way to Oslo, Norway and Vålerenga. There he was a dominant character and player, and clearly involved in a Trolls team of very high quality.

4. Blaise Larson  (1.00). FB / LB. Takes 4th place in front of Gregory Schein and Kris Barber based on multiple votes.

Blaise Larson North Dakota no 49

Blaise Larson (# 49) celebrates the winning TD in the national championship with RB Jed Perkerewicz

There are not many with a national championship in American football in the sports home that has found their way to Norwegian American football, but Blaise Larson is one of them. Larson played for the University of North Dakota, which took the championship in NCAA Division II in 2001. There was Larson fullback. At Trolls he played both a lot of offense and some defense, and with gravity and football knowledge it was not quite unnatural to see him contribute both sides of the ball, and in the training field.

Blaise Larson Janne Sly Yelder 2003

Blaise Larson  Jan Johansson  Sylvester Yelder

As the surname is thought to shed, Larson was originally from Minnesota. There he had a successful career as runningback for the home town's (Red Lake Falls) high school team, including 2,100 yards rushing in his junior season. It may not come as a surprise that he could contribute well to Trolls as well, and that effort is rewarded with a place on the list of the best imports Vålerenga has had!

5. Gregory Schein (1,00). QB.

Gregory Schein

One of Norway's first players in American football. We are back in the early 1990s, and Trolls took control of obtaining expertise from abroad. Greg Schein was chosen, and it was obviously successful enough to be remembered as one of the better imports the club has had, and inspire Trolls to pick up more imports over the years.

Basically, Gregory Schein is a player. We know he went to the legendary University of Chicago and started as QB there. They were cannonball from the late 1890s to around 1920, but as most people understand, it was a few years before Scheins'stime - so old he is not. However, the football program was put down in 1940, and resumed only in the 1970s. Since then, they have been in NCAA Division III - something they were also in Schein 's time there. It was (and is, really) more than good enough to jump on to semi-professional football in Norway and still have a thing and two to learn his teammates. That made Schein , who was a solid contributor both on and off the pitch.

Gregory Schein has by far the record for the longest point in the history of the University of Chicago; 76 yards (against Carnegie Mellon in 1989) can be heard!

5. Kris Barber (1,00). QB.

Kris Barber who works at Harvard

The QB, which was part of the Yale trio, we claim to be Norway's best import series throughout the ages. Barber & Company came straight from the college career to Trolls, and consequently were not far from their football form when they arrived in Oslo. It seemed. Barber , who later has been a college-level trainer (NCAA Division II and NCAA FCS) in addition to having used his degree in Yale's financial market, was a very moving and accurate QB that simply became too much for opponents in 1997. In combination with Jesse Steinfeldt , there were a couple of men who did not stop what was the premier opponents of the time, and it became NM gold this season.

Others who voted: LB Mark Dahle (0.67), LB Mike Kopcha (0.67), QB Scott Boer (0.33).